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Average Security Council 2015

Working again with the concept of averaging things to see what results, I’ve pulled up a project from years past and figured out a way to make a physical manifestation. In this case, I’m averaging flags, specifically, the flags of the nations that make up the United Nations Security Council for 2015. Here’s the base image that I prepared for inkjet output on canvas:


Each rectangle represents the average color of the flag of that nation. There are quite a few maroony-pink flags here, because red-white-and-blue is a common selection for flag colors.

After printing on canvas, I cut the strips out and attached them to dowels:


Then I glued the sides together and pressed them flat so they would present appropriately:


And, finally, glued them into the oak base I put together yesterday:


There are fifteen members of the Security Council: five permanent veto members, and two groups of five that serve two years, staggered from each other. The permanent members are on the top row, the departing members on the second row, and the incoming members are on the bottom. As to which nations these averaged flags represent, I leave that as an exercise for the student.