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Deep Time Chronometer

Several years ago, I became a member of the Long Now Foundation, an organization founded by Stewart Brand of the Whole Earth Catalog fame, as well as Brian Eno and various other deep thinkers and futurists. One of the aims of the Foundation is to foster thinking into the concept of “deep time”, or time that extends significantly past a human lifetime. To spark such thoughts, the Long Now Foundation is preparing a site for a clock that will keep accurate time for 10,000 years. A good source for much of this philosophizing is the book Clock of the Long Now. I enjoyed it, I hope you would too.

With that in mind, I came up with an alternative deep-time chronometer, one that is not quite as accurate but could be extended into time quite a ways. I call it my “Millenium Ball Clock”, and I have a little presentation on Vimeo for it.