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Nave Residency, Day 7

Interesting stuff today. I was hoping to have images of all three pixel rivers done, but the Mississippi is being difficult and I needed to re-glue several tributaries, this time using clamps. I should have been using clamps the entire time!

But anyway, other stuff still got done. I finished all nine of the Random Pixel Objects, which are all available for sale to interested parties! Here they are in a group shot:


I also did ten more Random Pixel Grids:


And the carbon-atom tetrahedral experiments are now taking over portions of the gallery:

Tetra-Experiments-07 Tetra-Experiments-06 Tetra-Experiments-05 Tetra-Experiments-04

Finally, I haven’t had a chance to get lights in to properly banish the shadows on the 100-pixel random grid, so I started playing around with the pixels by themselves and ended up creating larger and more colorful Random Pixel Objects with them. The first one I did completely as a lark, so all I have is the final result:


This is 100 Random Pixels Number 0. After I did this one, the prototype, a light bulb went off in my head and I set up my camera to shoot time-lapse videos of the next four. I’ll post the still shots first, then the Vimeo links afterward.

100-Random-Pixels-04_01 100-Random-Pixels-03_03 100-Random-Pixels-02_04 100-Random-Pixels-01_04

These videos are all very short, so you won’t have to sit through a long, drawn-out construction process. I did save these at 24 fps instead of my normal 30 fps, because the slower frame rate made it look less frantic.

Anyway, more stuff tomorrow, hopefully the Mississippi will cooperate with me, and I started dribbling the used inkjet ink on wet paper.