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Nave Residency, Day 5

Some new things, some tidying up, some experiments. First of all — the soundtrack for this residency so far, courtesy of the 5-disc CD changer at the Nave:


Now, for some art! More random 6×6 grids:

Pixel-Dice-36-Concat-03More random pixel shapes:


Bonus! These random pixel shapes were made with the brand new pixel dice I made earlier, and are glued together as actual artifacts!

The 5×5 sets of cubes I stained blue, black and red joined with their yellowish raw wood cousins to make 100 colored pixels:100-Colored-PixelsI did two random setups with these 100 colored pixels, but I wasn’t happy with the way the wood grain reflected the flash:100-Color-Pixels-01 100-Color-Pixels-02

So I need to cobble together a lighting situation that minimizes shadows and shoot these without flash in the coming days.

I also started playing around with some tetrahedronal interlocking pieces that are supposed to represent the bonds made by carbon atoms, but will serve as a non-orthagonal gridding structure:

Tetra-Experiments-03 Tetra-Experiments-02 Tetra-Experiments-01Whatever these things are, they’ve captured some tiny cubes to use for their own purposes. Speaking of cubes, I started playing around with arranging cubes of various sizes to see what happens. Here are some pictures of the results today:Cube-Experiments-03 Cube-Experiments-02Cube-Experiments-01Finally, I took the full disposal unit from the Epson inkjet printer at work and squeezed out a goodly amount of mixed CMYK inkjet ink, just to see what might happen. This will be used in future projects:Inkjet-Ink

In other news, the 3D pixel Nile has been completely glued together, and the 3D pixel Yangtze is almost ready for final assembly. Remember the Meet & Greet tomorrow at 6:30!