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Nave Residency, Day 4

There were some technical snafus, like the batteries for the camera I use for the random pixel grids conking out, so today I don’t have many images. However, I did finish painting the new sets of pixel dice, and sanded the edges of one set of 12:

I also stained sets of 25 pixels in red, indigo and black, which I think will become part of a new randomized construction concept, along with a fourth set of raw wooden blocks.

Ink-Stained-Pixels-02 Ink-Stained-Pixels-01

Finally, the 3D pixel rivers are slowly coming together, but I’ve used so many wooden cubes on other projects that I’m running out of blocks to support the levels I add, to keep them from shifting until the glue dries. So I’m focusing on one river at a time, to cut down on the need for support blocks. Here is the Nile, reaching completion. All of the level pieces are glued, they just need to be added to the final construction, once they’re dry.


I hope to suspend the finished river from the ceiling using monofilament, which will negate the need for any support blocks at all.