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Nave Residency, Day 3

More fun today at the Nave Gallery. First of all, here are the results of my ink-blot flow pattern experiments:

Paper-Confluences-02 Paper-Confluences-03 Paper-Confluences-04 Paper-Confluences-01

I’m not sure if I’m thrilled with these or not. I will continue the experimentation, however.

Also in the works,  I started taking the rivers made from wooden pixels and extending them into three dimensions:


This is the Nile being constructed into its vertical extent, starting low at the Delta and (soon to be) rising all the way to the Rift Valley lakes at the end.

Because I was having so much fun with the grayscale dice, I started making more of them:


You can see the six levels of gray I’m using, the acrylic paint, and a phalanx of wooden cubes drying in the breeze of a fan. I’ll have 108 new ones soon, and I think I’ll actually glue together the Random Pixel Shapes that I’ve been generating with an 8-sided die and 12 of the old grayscale dice:


Finally, I’ve been doing more random grayscale grids. Here’s a jpg of the 54 I’ve done so far:


And here’s a 15 fps video I put together using those images as individual frames:

All sorts of fun things happening!