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Nave Residency, Day 2

More fun at the Nave today. I used the heavy rain to soak some paper and play with ink patterns:


I did more random pixel grids with the six-level grayscale dice. Here’s a sampling of three of them:

Pixel-Dice-36-01 Pixel-Dice-36-02 Pixel-Dice-36-03

While I was playing with the random grayscale grids, I decided to pull out an eight-sided die and construct random pixel shapes. Here are three grayscale constructions:

Pixel-Shape-Grayscale-01 Pixel-Shape-Grayscale-02 Pixel-Shape-Grayscale-03

And a multilevel version done with unpainted blocks:


Finally, I laid out pixel-based constructions of the Mississippi, Yangtze and Nile Rivers, which I intend to glue together into three-dimensional versions that reveal the elevation changes along those rivers. At present, though, these are the flat bases:

Pixel-Mississippi Pixel-Nile Pixel-Yangtze

So a pretty good day, I’d say.