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First Actual Day at the Nave

At long last, I got over to the Nave on Powderhouse Blvd for some art time. Everything’s preliminary, everything’s laying groundwork, and everything’s feeling out directions. One of the things that happened was process-oriented data collection.

I created random 6×6 grids with six-level grayscale dice:


Here’s an image of the first ten runs of the random pixel grid:


I tossed 64 black cubes at a circle drawn on a piece of paper to see what would happen. Then I did it again and again:


I took a 2x2x2 pixel cube and started unfolding its constituent pieces into disparate shapes that still retain the same volume:


And I dribbled ink on a crumpled piece of paper and then made it rain with a water spritzer to see what kind of flow networks would result:


We will see where these starting points will take me in the next few weeks.