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Needlepoint Gallery

I’d been working on them piecemeal for a while, but I had the chance to really sit down and work on some needlepoint pieces while I was at Somerville Open Studios on May 3rd and 4th. Here’s a gallery of what I’ve been working on.

Analemma-SolsticesThis is the analemma, the shape that the sun traces out during the course of the year. I have marked the dates of the solstices at the minimum and maximum points.

AustralasiaAustralasia, although I need to fill in the main continental mass. The color of floss I selected is the average color of the continent.

CGA-PaletteAs referenced before, this is the CGA Color Palette, used by the Computer Graphics Array video system in the mid 80s.

Earth-Moon-SystemA favorite subject of mine, this is the Earth-Moon system, to scale.

Mississippi-Missouri River

Also referenced before, the Mississippi-Missouri river basin, in negative format. The mouth at the Gulf of Mexico is to the left.


Another geographic subject, the North American continent, also done using floss of the average color of the landmass. This floss is actually a little too green, but I couldn’t find a color quite right.


And, finally, the Yangtze river valley, done to the same scale as the Mississippi-Missouri, but in positive format, using indigo floss.

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