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Multilayered Holographic Composite – And You’re Invited!

Another composite project, and this one with an interactive component! I decided to do a composite of handwriting samples, and got my summer school class and the regular attendees at the Bow & Arrow’s Open Press Night to supply the first round. I prepared a standard sampling sheet and had everyone write “Multilayered Holographic Composite” in standard black Sharpie. This is what 20 handwriting samples look like squished together:


I would like to extend an invitation to all denizens of the Interwebs to be part of this interesting process! Simply download the instructions and sample sheet here, follow the directions, and viola! Internet celebrity awaits. I will repeat the instructions here:

1. Print the second page of this PDF. Try not to scale the PDF when printing; i.e. turn off “Fit to Page”.

2. Obtain standard black fine-point Sharpie.

3. Write “Multilayered Holographic Composite” in the three boxes provided, one word per box. See above example. You may write it any way you desire.

4A. Scan page at 600 dpi, grayscale, include the four little dots. Email tedol@mindhuestudio.com for Dropbox access.

— OR —

4B. Mail page to:

Holographic Composite
c/o Mindhue Studio

17 Wheeler Ave #2
Medford, MA 02155

5. Wipe hands on pants.