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Urban Icosacomposite – Flatiron Building

Having finished up the footage in Union Square, I had an hour and a half to shoot another composite. Some block northwest of Union Square is an architectural icon, the Flatiron Building. One of my favorite images by Paul Steichen is of this building:


So it was a no-brainer for me to create my own homage to the building.

This composite is more minimalist than most; the traffic on Broadway becomes a smooth yellow line of taxicabs both still and in motion, and the traffic lights vaguely pulse in a red-light-green-light halfway state. What few pedestrians out in the dusk are muted, except for the surprise manifestation of a ghostly apparition in front of the camera.

Once the fifty minutes of footage was over, I quickly snagged the tripod and hurried up Broadway, collapsing the legs as I went. I had twenty-five minutes to get to 34th and 8th Ave to catch my bus back to Boston in front of the Tick Tock Diner.