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New MWRA Turbine Icosacomposites

It was finally clear enough and “warm” enough, and I actually had a day off, so I went down to Ten Hills Park near Assembly Square and shot some wind turbine footage. I thought I would make a 20-layer icosacomposite of the 1.8MW turbine at the MWRA facility, but I couldn’t find a location that I was really in love with. I settled on shooting six ten-minute videos each in a different location, so I could get six 30-second icosacomposites, instead of a single 150-second icosacomposite from one location. This allowed me to scout around a bit, and figure out if there was a place I’d like to shoot the longer version.

All six videos are up on Vimeo now, in this album. I’ll post the seventh video here, which is a 720HD version of the 1080HD closeup video. This one focuses more on the hub of the turbine, while the higher-res version includes the entire length of the blades.