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Tenth Round of QRs in the Wild

300… I’ve captured 300 QRs. Here’s the group average, as shot:

(the graininess comes from the fact I photographed three or four QRs on computer monitors this time around)

Generated average:

Average of all 300, as shot–

And all 300, freshly generated:

Since 300 is a big and round number, I figured I’d do another breakdown of the QRs by size, generating averages that are slightly more meaningful because there’s greater overlap. (Here’s the first one.) First, the histogram of QR sizes (given in pixels on the bottom axis):

For the pixel sizes with more than one entry, here are those composites:

216 pixels:

248 pixels:

280 pixels:

312 pixels:

344 pixels:

376 pixels:

408 pixels:

504 pixels:

These averages clearly show the control blocks, the orientation blocks, and the data fields used int he QR specification.