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Smeared Turbine Videos

One of the main reasons I started doing my turbine studies is because I was fascinated with the interplay of light as the blades moved through their rotary space. Of course, the videos I’ve already presented haven’t really addressed that portion of my interest, because other interesting things got in the way. However, I started playing with some of my older footage yesterday, and came up with this:

This is a video of the the Vestas 660 turbine at the end of Hull, MA, cropped so that the blades are prominent, then smeared across the viewing area so the colors, hues, lights and darks become the only content visible. The rotating motion has become a reciprocal motion, and there is no longer a “wind turbine” signifier to confuse the concept. The video zooms in on the center nacelle, and then back out, so there is a dynamic to the values besides just the blade motion.

Other, similar videos are available in the Vimeo album here.