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Rejiggered Synaesthetic Spectrum

For some reason I was thinking of the synaesthetic spectrum I prepared for this blog a couple years back, and it occurred to me that while it was a spectrum of the colors as far as alphabetic order is concerned, it wasn’t really a spectrum as far as wavelength is concerned. Of course, that means we have to re-order the letters so they correspond to the visual spectrum. And, if you do the letters, you have to do the numbers, too:

Of course, there are two problems: one, some of the colors don’t have pure spectral equivalents, and two, some of the colors are not colors, but shades. For the first one, I basically just assigned the letter a position that looked good, except for the brown letters, which ended up on the red end of the spectrum, something of a alphanumeric infra-red, if you will. The shaded letters were more problematic, so I just grouped them in a grayscale continuum of their own.

So, in this particular reordered alphabet, the new arrangement can be written as OUXVIRLJWQFTEGHASYDPMBNKZC, and 8074362951.

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