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Piece for “Invested Landscape”, Coming to the Nave Gallery Sep 7


Today I did my first GPS drawing in a couple of years. This time I traced—as near as I could—the boundaries of the City of Somerville on my bike. Here are two versions of the results:

The magenta/yellow is the path I took on my bike. The white is the official boundaries of the city. Some of the discrepancies are due to fences, houses, construction, freeways, cliffs, MBTA tracks, GPS errors and water. The base perimeter is 11.9 miles long; my route was 20.2 miles. I learned an important lesson on that 20 mile ride: 24-inch BMX cruisers are great for short commutes, but for long-distance riding they put a bit of strain on your knees.

This image, and more, will be seen at the show “Invested Landscape”, opening at the Nave Gallery on September 7th.