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Three Shorts in Glovebox Film Festival 2012

Well, the results are in, and all three film shorts I submitted made it into the 2012 Glovebox Film Festival. Glovebox is a couple of folks crusading to get interesting art out in front of the public, and I first showed with them when I arrived in Beantown in 2008. Another short of mine was in the 2011 Film Festival, which was a pretty awesome selection of cinematic arts shown at the Somerville Theatre. So, many thanks to Glovebox, and everyone needs to get out and see the selections on August 4th. Remembering last year’s slate, there should be something interesting for anyone’s taste.

These are the three shorts I will have in this year’s Film Festival:

Intersection Worldspin

Harvard Station Icosacomposite

McGlynn Northwind 100 at Sunset