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Another Way to Get More ETG Pixels

Continuing on the idea of stuffing the Twitter pipeline with pixels, maybe I should just not worry so much about compression and figure out a way to divide images up and let the coding enable people to reconstitute them. Thus, I have prepared a tiled Twitter graphic, expanding from a simple 9 x 12 pixel CGA graphic to a 27 x 36 pixel graphic in 9 tiles.

For this end, though, I’ll need to modify the header definitions. Consider this ETG V0.2, with a small tweak on how to deal with images that are supposed to be displayed together.

The ATG frames code includes a 4-letter ID squib and 2 hex digits for animation frame numbering. I reserved the first block of 128 for a non-looping animation set, which is actually kinda silly because most Web animations are looped anyway. So let’s use that block to indicate the location of each tile in the set. This gives us a latitude of 7 tiles across and 15 tiles down, or tile coordinates 7E.

If you have a tileset of 7 tiles by 10 tiles, then the tiling number 45 means “fourth tile from the left, fifth tile down”. The tiling number 12 means “first tile from the left, second down”. And, using hex, number 7A means “seventh tile from left, ten down”, or the last tile in this set.

For this image, I tiled an image into a 3×3 grid, or 9 tiles. For our first tile, the header will look like this:

`CGA which gives the color space

`09×12 which gives the size of the tile

`FedW11 which gives the ID squib and the origin tile (first from left, first down)

and `{ which locates the data payload.

The tiles can be tweeted in any order, because they share their unique ID squib and their ordering is contained within their headers. However, I prepared these in left-right/top-down order, so I’ll paste them here that way:










Here are those pieces:

Here they are assembled:

And here they are enlarged for more clarity:

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