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English GIS Swadesh List

I recorded a French Swadesh list today, but didn’t have time to process it. One of the reasons I didn’t is because I decided I need to work on a new, totally random idea that is actually pretty funny, at least to myself. I decided to get Google’s help in translating the Swadesh list to visual format, using the first image that comes up in Google Image Search for each Swadesh entry. Fortunately the Swadesh list has 207 words, which, when the language name is added as a “zero” entry, makes a nice 13×16 grid. So, here is the English GIS Swadesh list for 9 March 12:

Here is the original file at full size, which is rather big. Here is a copy of the Swadesh list, for those who wish to follow along at home.

I’m assuming that the roster of images will change as events progress in the Googles. I will probably revisit this concept in weeks to come, just to see what happens. Sometimes the first image that popped up really sucked, and the subsequent images were much more interesting. And I believe I was noticing quite a few SEO troll sites with crap content just to increase their Google page ranking. Anyway, an interesting experiment in Internet linguistic interpretation.

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