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New Letters

So I’m trying to catch up on my lack of updates, so here’s another project that’s been brewing for the last couple of weeks. With the relative success of the earlier linguistic/letterpress project (better pics of which I will post soon, promise), I decided to continue with this process. I’ve decided to add needed letters to the English roman alphabet, just because.

New Letters

New letters for the English roman alphabet

Some of these letters are actually archaic letters I would like to re-introduce, because I wanted to make the novelty as non-threatening as possible, if such a thing can be done. There’s no real reason for these, and probably a very small chance they would ever be used outside of this blog and this project, but why not?

To increase the chances of adoption by the wider public, the main thrust of this project will be to rejigger the ABC song to include these new letters, and to create prints of the new song with music. I will prepare two versions of the song: one with these letters shoehorned into the rhythm as inobtrusively as possible, and another with the order of the letters revised to make more sense with regard to their production in the oral cavity.

If that last bit makes no sense to you, don’t worry. Very few people will get the humor, but that’s okay. I’m doing it for them. ; )

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