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Those Pixels Again

I’m kinda geeking out on discrete shapes and the rigidity of the grid, and also the limits on information transmission and how much raw data is actually necessary to make it happen. So: here’s the basic template for the Pixel Tarot.

Pixel Tarot

Basic shapes and size for the Pixel Tarot

Here you have the basic card size, 16 px by 24 px, and the basic setup for the suites of the Minor Arcana (coins/pentacles, cups, swords and wands). I’ll be attempting to pull imagery from the Rider-Waite deck, since that one has a large base of inherited commentary, interpretation and familiarity. However, with such a limited palette, it will become an interesting exercise to see how much can be physically shoehorned into this tiny data space. Each card will represent the equivalent of only 48 letters of text.

If this becomes too cumbersome, I may expand the size, but we shall see how this goes.