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Longo Zenith


I remembered these last night, and decided I would post them as a gallery. These are pictures of people staring down at my camera from above, which splays their hair out in interesting and flowing shapes. I used Illustrator to vectorize the silhouettes so they would become crisp and I could isolate and interpret the interplay of individual strands of hair. I rotated them so they emerge from the top of the frame rather than the bottom so that it is harder to read them as human heads, which helps focus your attention on the shapes and forms. The white sun-circle on the gray background provides a very simple spatial cue and locates the “zenith” of the title.

The name of the series is an homage to Robert Longo’s Men in the Cities images. My process is markedly different, but both series are stylizing the human form into a graphic shape using photography and unusual poses.