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Alewife Station MBTA Icosacomposite

And here’s the Alewife footage I shot Thursday along with the Harvard stuff. This station is one of the terminal stations for the Red Line, so both sets of tracks go the same direction. However, the Red Line splits after the JFK station, one side going to Braintree and the other going to Ashmont, so the Alewife tracks are similarly split.

Since Alewife is right up next to a major highway coming in to Boston from the west, it’s also a big commuter station, and has a large parking garage for commuters. Thus, there’s a lot of traffic through the station, especially at 7:30 am, which is when I shot this footage. This is a very busy composite.

And, just in case anyone is wondering what an “alewife” is, it’s a small, edible fish, like a herring, that lives in streams and gave its name to Alewife Brook, which runs near the eponymous T station and major road: