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The McGlynn Turbine at Sunset

Finally the weather and my schedule allowed me to run a time-lapse near sunset. I was hoping this would allow a nice “natural” fade and get some interesting color effects on the turbine blades, but the weather was not ideal for the style I was working with before. Clear skies means the polarizer turns the sky deep blue and the turbine stays fully illuminated as the sun nears the horizon. Hazy, partly-cloudy skies means the sky stays light blue and the illumination varies widely. However, there’s a gamut of backgrounds for the blurred turbine blades to present against, there’s a whole host of different colors appearing in the sky and the turbine, and the boiling of the clouds provides a lovely physical force for the turbine to be pushing against. I’m happy with the outcome, although a small glitch made the camera eat six frames close to the ending. The abrupt jump was too jarring, so I papered over it with some Photoshop blending. It’s not pretty, but it’ll do. I may simply edit another version of the video to stop just before the cut, but I’m presenting it warts and all here, because the fadeout is too nice to waste.