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The Original Pair of Turbine Time Lapse Videos

I realized I hadn’t posted these anywhere, so I put them up on Vimeo and am posting there here. In July of 2010 I borrowed a video camera and got footage of various turbines around Boston, including the Northwind 100 at McGlynn Elementary. For that one in particular, I managed to get a full hour of straight footage and dumped it to iMovie. The idea of a time-lapse version only came a while later.

For the “straight” time-lapse, I had to grab every 30th frame and save it off. I wasn’t really able to work with HD-sized files on my ancient PowerMac, so I saved them down to around 480 x 720 to reduce workload. But it still worked pretty well, except for a slight bobble about halfway through:

I also did a 60x version, which I didn’t like as much, so I haven’t uploaded it. To tweak the concept a little, I also did a blurred version of the video. Instead of selecting every thirtieth frame from the video, I merged consecutive thirty-frame blocks into a single frame, blending the image and reproducing the 30x time-lapse in a different way: