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Ted Ollier was born in the midwest, lived in the south, and now resides in the northeast. He has been a photographer, graphic designer, bass player, typographer, web pioneer, informational leafblower and armchair philosopher. He has also worked a variety of day-jobs, the details of which are not terribly important.

He holds degrees from the University of Texas, Texas State University and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. At present, he is a printmaker and conceptual artist working in the Boston community of Medford. He shows through inde | jacobs in Marfa, Texas, and teaches letterpress and design through the Harvard Extension School at the Bow & Arrow Press in Cambridge. He is the Pressmaster of Reflex Letterpress in Charlestown.

His concerns are with data and its interaction with the consensus reality, and how that reality is affected and changed by that data. Oftentimes the simplest visual representation of a dataset is enough to engage the viewer in ways far beyond the naïve reading of that information. Although the didactic element of information transfer is always present in his work, his true focus is on revelation and enlightenment, and the joy of finding a previously-unnoticed detail in the landscape of life.

He lives with a patent attorney, a cute toddler, a chow/sharpei mix, and a red tabby.

5 Comments on “About”

  1. Hello Ted,
    My name is Michelle. James Ledoux sent me this link to your site. His daughter and my son go to the same school. I am also a mixed media installation artist. I almost went to Mass Art for my MFA. I ended up going to College of Fine Arts at University of Arizona, Tucson. It was a stark difference from my BFA in St. Paul, Minnesota at the College of Visual Arts. I am sure you got a similar experience with moving from Austin to Boston.

    I think it would be fun to do a collaboration with you, James and myself. Maybe something related to photo round robin. I know James and I both love taking photos. And it looks like from your website you do to. We can work out the parameters with all of our input. I enjoy collaborations and what comes out of them. Let me know if you are interested.

    All is well in Austin,

  2. Hi, I would be interested in purchasing one of your container prints, specifically the Hanjin print. Can you tell me if one is for sale?

  3. Dear Ted,

    Are your world maps available for download?
    They are amazing and I’d like to have one of them as a tattoo.

    All the best and thanks in advance,

  4. You’ve basically hit the nail on the head with the flag. You’ve made an image that when looked at by pretty much anyone who’s seen a picture of earth, even without any clear association, would remind someone of it.

    I’d like to imagine that some day, 3,000 years from now when we master FTL and bump into some alien civilization someone digs up your page and uses it to represent earth at some interplanetary UN.

    But we’ll probably use some d-bag picture of whatever humans look like at that point on one side, or that stupid drawing Michaelangelo did that always shows up on those sort of things on one side and a world-map with incorrect proportions on the other.

    Or maybe just clipart of missiles and guns. Depends on who’s in charge, really.

    Still, good show sir!

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