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Another Press, This Time a Letterpress

Went to the Bow and Arrow Press at Adams House Residence Hall today, to teach a crash course in letterpress and to do some printing of my own. I printed my portion and the colophon of John Pyper’s trade portfolio Cultural Baggage, part of the Mid America Print Council 2010 conference in Minneapolis. The members

Editioning the Mediterranean

Just got back from a few hours at Mixit Print Studios, where I was editioning a shaped plate print of the Mediterranean Sea. This is something of a throwback to a series I did a few years ago called Graphic Geography. This time, I’m actually editioning the plates properly and doing them much larger. Once


Something I’ve been thinking about for well-nigh seven years is creating latticeworks out of tetrahedra, which are four-face pyramids with equilateral triangles for faces. They are the simplest 3D shape in existence, with only four points needed to define. So far my efforts in this area have been somewhat stymied by construction difficulties. I’ve made