Full-Moon Turbine Nocturne

Time-Lapse, Wind Turbines

Finally, a night near the full moon that wasn’t overcast. November’s syzygy was a complete bust, and the night before last was completely cloudy. Last night was beautiful, there wasn’t even any horsetail cirrus or little puffy clouds. Those would have been a nice addition, if they had been present, but I’m pretty happy with what I got. Watch the stars go by unobscured!

The time-lapse starts at around 3:30am and ends at sunrise, 7:04am. I didn’t change the exposure settings at all, so the brightening sky becomes an almost complete white-out by the end. The moon’s light illuminates the turbine nicely until the emerging skyglow washes it out. And you can see pretty much when Logan Airport opens for business and starts getting the stacked up runway cleared.

The shooting was pretty uneventful, except for a pleasant conversation I had with a Medford patrol officer around 4:15.

A Trio of Worldspins

Wind Turbines

Since I was playing around with turbine footage in AfterEffects, I grabbed some older footage from last year that I’d been meaning to process. And after a little effort, we have three new worldspins:

These are done in 720p instead of 1080p, because I had to scale the original HD footage in order to keep black bars from creeping in the sides of the frame. Trying to get a 1080p render from ~225% scale is not very pretty. And even so, these are a little more grungy that I like. However, unless I can get a mount to spin the camera at the same rate as the blades, or shoot in Cineon quality, that’s what I’ve got.