Skygrid Movie: Vernal to Autumnal

Data Representation, Video

Finally had time to assemble all the individual stills of the present Skygrid into a time-lapse movie. Be advised, at 17 seconds per day, it clocks in at around 51 minutes. But it’s a perfect environmental piece for relaxation and meditation, I would say!

Note: after watching about 8 minutes of the video, I’ll concede it might be a bit flickery for meditation. The action is pretty fast, too; I’d probably want to run it at 15 frames per second to be a little more relaxing. However, that would make this half-year almost two hours, and the full year almost four. Maybe… maybe…

One fun thing is that you’ll be getting into the whole motion of the clouds and then suddenly a bird silhouette will be caught in a frame, or a glint will reflect off of a plane, or there’ll be a leaf floating by momentarily.

The Big Glitch: Full-Screen Glitch Video

Data Representation

During the Era of Display Glitches, there were a few times when the problem would get so bad the screen would flicker between glitch chaos and calm Finder, sometimes mixing and matching these two states in patterns of 8×8 squares. I would try to get screenshots of the mess, but these screenshots would always come out as a full-screen glitch pattern overlaid on a 2D color gradient, seen here.

In the interests of science, I have split this Big Glitch image into 57,600 8×8 pixel squares and assembled them into a movie. This movie runs exactly 32 minutes, so you might want to run it as background artwork, flickering and shifting ever so slowly through the digital and visual spectrum.

MWRA Turbine Time-Lapses Cleaned Up

Time-Lapse, Wind Turbines

Well, it didn’t take as long as I expected to clean up the dust spots from the two other time-lapse videos. When you’re not rendering twenty layers of transparent footage things go quite a bit faster.

Here’s the front of the turbine in close-up:

And the darker-skies version of the turbine in the landscape (which looks surprisingly similar to this one):

Finally, I accidentally shot the first time-lapse at 18 Mpixels, which is kinda huge for video work, but it gives lovely images of the detail. Here’s a sample (click to very much embiggen):


MWRA Wind Turbine Time-Lapses

Time-Lapse, Wind Turbines

Early this morning I went out to shoot some time-lapse videos of a wind turbine I really hadn’t explored up-close, the 1.8 MW Vestas at the MWRA pumping station in Everett. It has been a while! Almost nine months since I last shot this turbine, and almost two years since I shot the Northwind 100 at the McGlynn school in Medford.

This was the first run, shorter than the others, using a neutral-density filter and a polarizer to allow me to take each frame at 1/3 second, so I could get nice blurring and tonal sweeps for the blades:

Most of the videos I shot today used the polarizer to get deep blue skies, which kinda reminded me too much of the earlier turbine videos I’d done. So I did this with the polarizer turned to keep the sky light, which gives a different effect on the blurring of the blades.

I’ve got footage for two more videos in the can, but I have to do some tweaking to remove an unfortunate dust spot that fell on the sensor during the time-lapse.

Bow & Arrow Press Icosacomposites

Bow & Arrow Press, Icosacomposite Video

Just for funsies I shot two icosacomposites of the Press during Open Press Night last Thursday. They turned out every bit as awesome as I hoped. Watch for people typesetting, running the press, wandering around, washing their hands, taking in the wonder of it all, and gesticulating. It’s hard to tell people apart but I’m wearing a red shirt with a white bullseye design depicting the orbits of the inner solar system.

Student Documentary of the Bow & Arrow Press

Bow & Arrow Press, Video

Teaching summer school at the Bow & Arrow Press for Harvard was a fun time. Got lots of good students doing all sorts of fun things, and some of them even braved Open Press Night. One of them, a high school student from Korea, was also taking a film class, and produced a documentary about the Press for that class. It’s great! I look and sound like a real professional! Watch it here:

Twelve Somerville Icosacomposites

Icosacomposite Video, Shows

It took ten days of whirlwind work, but I got an even dozen icosacomposites ready for the “Entering Somerville” show at the Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square. There’s a DVD playing in the gallery showing all twelve consecutively. That video is now up on Vimeo right here:

Each individual video is also available, in a Vimeo album right here:


If you can, get down to Davis Square in the next couple of weeks to see them projected in person, and also to see a bunch of other art up on display.

Two More Glitch Videos

Data Representation

Hot off the graphic card, I got a couple more glitch screenshots to work with in the last few days. Still no way to predict when it will happen, but it seems to happen when the operating system tries to play video in a preview pane or open a helper window for an application.

#10, here, with average:


And #11, here, with average: