Alewife Station MBTA Icosacomposite

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure

And here’s the Alewife footage I shot Thursday along with the Harvard stuff. This station is one of the terminal stations for the Red Line, so both sets of tracks go the same direction. However, the Red Line splits after the JFK station, one side going to Braintree and the other going to Ashmont, so the Alewife tracks are similarly split.

Since Alewife is right up next to a major highway coming in to Boston from the west, it’s also a big commuter station, and has a large parking garage for commuters. Thus, there’s a lot of traffic through the station, especially at 7:30 am, which is when I shot this footage. This is a very busy composite.

And, just in case anyone is wondering what an “alewife” is, it’s a small, edible fish, like a herring, that lives in streams and gave its name to Alewife Brook, which runs near the eponymous T station and major road:

Two Harvard Red Line MBTA Icosacomposites

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure

Another Red Line station done–actually, two, but I haven’t processed the Alewife video yet. I started with a panoramic view of the ramp in Harvard station, but decided I wanted something different. I still got enough footage to produce a 30-sec composite, though:

I wandered around to see if I could find something weird about the Harvard Station, and eventually ended up on the “overpass” at the Church Street entrance. There was an ancient office rolling chair right next to the Lexan overlook window, so I shot there. This enabled me to get more a bird’s-eye view. I had to tweak the levels and gamma in postprocessing, because the Lexan muted the colors, but that’s about all I had to do.

Look for Alewife soon!

Porter Station Icosacomposite

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure

A new T composite video, this time of the Porter Square Station. Porter does not have a place where both inbound and outbound lines are visible. But I’m more interested in the people, anyway, so I positioned myself so I could catch the inbound track and the line going to the long escalators. Bonus: banjo blues player off-camera to the right. Enjoy!

MBTA Red Line Davis Station Icosacomposite

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure

After doing the MWRA turbine/Orange Line tracks icosacomposite, it occurred to me that I should probably do one of the subway itself, without a wind turbine. So yesterday between 11:44a and 12:34p I recorded five 10-minute videos and turned them into a twenty-layer composite two and a half minutes long. Since the sound of the T is a large part of the experience, I recorded audio this time, and it was also layered.

Warning: the subway is loud, and the roar is nearly continuous in the layered video, so you might want to turn your sound down before playing.

MWRA Icosacomposite with MBTA Trains

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure, Wind Turbines

Here’s another layered video of the new megawatt turbine at the MWRA. I couldn’t find a good place to park that also had a dynamic view of the turbine, but this particular view is interesting because it overlooks the MBTA Orange Line tracks going across the river in Everett. Several cars make their ghostly appearance through the video.

Some Fun Stills from My Commutes, 6 April – 14 May 2011

Commutes, Composites

I’ve been doing some processing of the entire mound of photos I took during my month of commutes, and while I was wading through the stack I pulled out some of the ones that caught my eye for some reason or another. Remember: none of these were deliberate shots, the camera was set on an automatic 1-minute timer and snapped what was in front of me at the time. Here’s a gallery of them for your enjoyment.