Residency Wrapup, a Little Later Than Expected


Well, it took me longer than expected to cap off the residency posts with some shots of the closing reception, but better late than never. Here are some lovely images shot during the closing by Rebecca Philio, who has shot several receptions for the Nave Gallery through the years.


Myself and Jesa Damora at the refreshment table as things start. The three rope river, catenary experiments, needlepoint rivers, tetrahedral shapes and some agitated catenary prints are visible here.

Nave Residency, Day 12

Graphic Geography, Random Processes, Residency, Shows

Not really a true work day, just a quick organization day to prepare for the closing reception tomorrow evening. I threw out trash, rationalized the box situation for later packing, put away cameras, pens and pencils, and collected stuff to take home tomorrow morning. Once everything was tidied up, I set out a TV and DVD player so I can show a montage of my random pixel creations, and did some quick final setups:


The final color Random Pixel Object.


GPS Drawing Project 2013


As part of my artist grant from the Somerville Arts Council, I needed to do a project that involves the community of Somerville. Over the last couple of weeks I went to the daycare Open Center for Children on Powderhouse Boulevard and again created a large-scale work with the help of the children there.

We went to the Tot Lot by Tufts University, I took out my hiking GPS unit and set it to record its position. We went through the class roster to select each child, who then took the GPS and started running. The GPS recorded the path the child took through the playground and around the fence. Once returned, I saved the recorded path with the child’s name and started another round. There were a few glitches and do-overs, but at the end of the 90 minutes, we had 15 sketches around the park:


While this was happening, I took photos of the kids tearing around with the GPS unit:


Today I took printouts of the poster, the composite pathways, and each individual child’s drawing over to the preschool. It was a huge hit, and at the end I got mobbed in a group hug. Excellent outcome!

PDFs of the poster, composite and individual paths are here:

Full Drawing Paths

Kids Paths

GPS Drawing Photos Web


Ribbon-Cutting for the MicroMuseum!

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This evening a bunch of people came out to 72 1/2 Union Square, between The Independent and the Subway sandwich shop, to see a tiny little museum set on the wall where a payphone once stood. It’s the brainchild of Judith Klausner and Steve Pomeroy, who did a bang-up job getting it together. I have a few pieces in the Museum right now, two of my city silhouettes and a surveillance camera print. The website for the MicroMuseum is here. The very cool thing about the unveiling is that it included an actual ribbon-cutting by the mayor of Somerville, Joseph Curtatone. Good support for the arts here in the environs of Beantown!

Here’s a gallery of shots I took with my cell phone:

Twelve Somerville Icosacomposites

Icosacomposite Video, Shows

It took ten days of whirlwind work, but I got an even dozen icosacomposites ready for the “Entering Somerville” show at the Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square. There’s a DVD playing in the gallery showing all twelve consecutively. That video is now up on Vimeo right here:

Each individual video is also available, in a Vimeo album right here:


If you can, get down to Davis Square in the next couple of weeks to see them projected in person, and also to see a bunch of other art up on display.

New Random Walk Drawings

Random Processes

I was sitting at Gallery 263‘s Art/Identity show today, so I made a long bicycle trek across Somerville and Cambridge to the corner of Putnam and Pearl in Cabridgeport. On the way I found a farmer’s market in Union Square, and stopped to draw a random walk there:

Continuing on, I made it to the gallery with plenty of time to spare, so I drew another walk at the intersection in front of the gallery:

Beantown is really hot right now, but I had plenty of water to cap off two successful drawings.