Nave Residency Day 11

Data Representation, Residency, Scientific Exploration

Something of a disjointed day today, various errands and weather-related interruptions had me going back three separate times. However, I did get stuff done. One of which was a  shot of the Pixel Earth-Moon System with my nice Canon camera; I had tried before but the auto-focus didn’t quite figure out what to focus on, so every shot was blurry. Hitherto:


This, of course, is the Earth and the Moon, to scale in pixel form, with the distance between them also to scale.

Ribbon-Cutting for the MicroMuseum!

Printmaking, Shows

This evening a bunch of people came out to 72 1/2 Union Square, between The Independent and the Subway sandwich shop, to see a tiny little museum set on the wall where a payphone once stood. It’s the brainchild of Judith Klausner and Steve Pomeroy, who did a bang-up job getting it together. I have a few pieces in the Museum right now, two of my city silhouettes and a surveillance camera print. The website for the MicroMuseum is here. The very cool thing about the unveiling is that it included an actual ribbon-cutting by the mayor of Somerville, Joseph Curtatone. Good support for the arts here in the environs of Beantown!

Here’s a gallery of shots I took with my cell phone: