Pictures from My Trip to inde/jacobs in Marfa, TX

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Earlier this week I ventured forth to Marfa, Texas, home of the Chinati Foundation and the Judd Foundation. I met with my gallerist at inde/jacobs gallery, checking out the new gallery space and dropping off some of the shipping container prints I did last year. It was a great time! The new gallery is lovely, and if you’re ever out in the wilds of West Texas, do think to drop by.

Here’s a gallery of images I took while there:

All Sorts of Crazy Stuff

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Greetings, folks… Sorry it’s been a very light time for the blog, it’s been a crazy busy month, with my new job teaching intro printmaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and some craft fairs and other fun things. Among those things would be the shindig for the relaunched Big Red & Shiny, which will be at the Mills Gallery Saturday the 29th at 6pm. My MBTA Icosacompsites will be one of the featured works for the shindig! Before you go there, you might want to check out my tent at What the Fluff? in Union Square in Somerville. And there’s also the Hyde Park Open Studios this Sunday in Dedham. All sorts of art to see!