Full Kendall-MIT MBTA Station Icosacomposite

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure

As luck would have it, I was able to get to Kendall-MIT yesterday morning and shoot a full 50 minutes of footage. Here’s the new composite:

Funny thing—when you layer time-based media, there’s always a small but non-zero chance that periodic events will synch up in the composition. This is the case here: in some of the layers, the automated station calls for the trains managed to line up pretty closely, resulting in passages that are much clearer than normal, but overlaid with flange and echo effects as the synchronization is not perfect.

Short Kendall-MIT Station MBTA Icosacomposite

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure

This morning I got up early so I could catch rush hour at the next station south on the Red Line. It was cold and windy so I drove to Davis Sq to catch the subway, only to find that you can’t feed the meters until 8, which means I would probably come back to a ticket on my car. With that start to the excursion, I made my way to Kendall-MIT, started recording a shot of the entry kiosks, but then decided the composition sucked. So I went in to the station, and set up on the floor.

I got a decent composition, but evidently rush hour doesn’t begin at Kendall-MIT at 7:15 in the morning. It was dead. There were trains coming through, some of them full to bursting, but hardly anyone got off, and very few people arrived to catch the subway. I started thinking that this composite video was going to suck, and I didn’t really want a parking ticket, so I packed up after shooting two 10-minute segments and went back to Davis.

Two 10-minute segments means I only get one full minute of composited video, which is what I rendered today. By the time I got home I was wondering whether the station with not many people in it would give me a different video than the more populated ones of other stations. Well, such is the case. The focus is much more on the subway cars, which is rather interesting. So it looks like I’ll need to wake up early on Monday (tomorrow morning is already booked) and re-shoot a full 50 minutes of footage (resulting in a full 2:30 minutes of video) at Kendall-MIT.

Here’s the short video from this morning:

Alewife Station MBTA Icosacomposite

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure

And here’s the Alewife footage I shot Thursday along with the Harvard stuff. This station is one of the terminal stations for the Red Line, so both sets of tracks go the same direction. However, the Red Line splits after the JFK station, one side going to Braintree and the other going to Ashmont, so the Alewife tracks are similarly split.

Since Alewife is right up next to a major highway coming in to Boston from the west, it’s also a big commuter station, and has a large parking garage for commuters. Thus, there’s a lot of traffic through the station, especially at 7:30 am, which is when I shot this footage. This is a very busy composite.

And, just in case anyone is wondering what an “alewife” is, it’s a small, edible fish, like a herring, that lives in streams and gave its name to Alewife Brook, which runs near the eponymous T station and major road:

Some Fun Stills from My Commutes, 6 April – 14 May 2011

Commutes, Composites

I’ve been doing some processing of the entire mound of photos I took during my month of commutes, and while I was wading through the stack I pulled out some of the ones that caught my eye for some reason or another. Remember: none of these were deliberate shots, the camera was set on an automatic 1-minute timer and snapped what was in front of me at the time. Here’s a gallery of them for your enjoyment.