Some Messing Around with Plate Tectonics

Averages, Graphic Geography

Just a couple of images to show what I’ve been playing around with recently. It has to do with the shapes of the major tectonic plates and their overall vectors. Interesting thing: the amount of distance that each plate moves in a year can be easily expressed, in real-life scale, in a print one can hold in one’s hand. More on that later.

One’s a colorized overlay, one’s a simple outline overlay.



Average Security Council 2015

Averages, Data Representation

Working again with the concept of averaging things to see what results, I’ve pulled up a project from years past and figured out a way to make a physical manifestation. In this case, I’m averaging flags, specifically, the flags of the nations that make up the United Nations Security Council for 2015. Here’s the base image that I prepared for inkjet output on canvas:


Each rectangle represents the average color of the flag of that nation. There are quite a few maroony-pink flags here, because red-white-and-blue is a common selection for flag colors.

Earth Flag

Averages, Graphic Geography

There was a Photoshop contest over at today to make up an “official” flag for the whole planet. Most of the entries were snarky, as befits the location, but I used my average continental colors to come up with something a little more interesting:


The stripes represent each continent in proportion, starting with Eurasia on the hoist and then North America. A thin strip of blue represents the surface freshwater, then come stripes for Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica. (The stripes are in order from north to south.) The final navy field represents the oceans, in proportion.

So it was something fun and interesting to make, and the Farkers loved it.

People Like Colorfield Videos with No Sound… Who Knew?

Averages, Video

I was browsing my Vimeo stats and I’m quite surprised that every one of my top ten loaded videos is not a wind turbine, is not an icosacomposite, is not the MBTA… They are all Average Cinema pieces.

Which means that a decent number of people are loading up silent colorfield videos and are, for a good portion of the time, letting them run in their entirety. I never expected anyone but myself to do something like that. Who knew? Anyway, thanks for watching, everyone!

Average Cinema Album on Vimeo

Averages, Video

Since I did my Cinema Icosacomposites of 32 of the Top 100 American Films, I decided to dust off a similar project I was working on a couple years back, that of my Average Cinema. I only did a few films, because of the limitations of my hardware, but this time it was much easier. Here’s a link to the Vimeo album.

These pieces are full-length movies with each individual frame averaged to a single color, so the film becomes a moving color field with no sound. It’s an interesting examination of pallette, timing and pacing, and a nice chill-out background for your computer if you so desire.

Remixed English Swadesh Composite

Composites, Linguistic Deconstruction

I kinda overloaded the sound layering engine in Adobe Soundbooth with 207 tracks of audio, so the original sound file I made was very clippy and full of digital static. This time I chopped the project into 23 groups of 9 sounds and then layered the resulting files together. This was still staticky, so I had to do some tweaking of levels and such. Anyway, the audio is now much better, and I did a composite image of all the word waveforms for the image card of the video. Here’s the new mix: