Three Las Vegas Icosacomposites

Icosacomposite Video, Video

Last weekend I took a whirlwind tour of Las Vegas for my mother-in-law’s 75th birthday. I didn’t have much time, but I was able to get footage for three composite video pieces.

The first was set up on the footbridge over Spring Mountain Rd connecting the Wynn/Encore complex with The Palazzio. I was interested in getting the large video displays in a composite, but I also got a young, visibly-pregnant beggar holding her sign for the crowd. The only thing besides the casinos that didn’t move much in the video is her begging cup. Things that make you go, “Hmmmm.”

The second one I tried to squeeze in between the Fashion Show and Cirque du Soleil, but I couldn’t get the perfect shot and only managed twenty minutes of footage. This one is next to Caesar’s Palace, with the video display for The Linq as the object of interest. It’s only a minute long.

Finally, after the Cirque du Soleil show, my wife and I went down the Strip seeing the sights. I set up near the Bellagio and got a final icosacomposite of the crowds. Hidden in the footage: a guy haranguing the crowds from the center island, a drunk individual hanging out of a stretched monster truck screaming “I love Las Vegas!”, various wedding parties of all description, numerous motorized signs touting “Live Nude Girls”, and my wife handing off a second set of batteries to me.

Skygrid Movie: Vernal to Autumnal

Data Representation, Video

Finally had time to assemble all the individual stills of the present Skygrid into a time-lapse movie. Be advised, at 17 seconds per day, it clocks in at around 51 minutes. But it’s a perfect environmental piece for relaxation and meditation, I would say!

Note: after watching about 8 minutes of the video, I’ll concede it might be a bit flickery for meditation. The action is pretty fast, too; I’d probably want to run it at 15 frames per second to be a little more relaxing. However, that would make this half-year almost two hours, and the full year almost four. Maybe… maybe…

One fun thing is that you’ll be getting into the whole motion of the clouds and then suddenly a bird silhouette will be caught in a frame, or a glint will reflect off of a plane, or there’ll be a leaf floating by momentarily.

Student Documentary of the Bow & Arrow Press

Bow & Arrow Press, Video

Teaching summer school at the Bow & Arrow Press for Harvard was a fun time. Got lots of good students doing all sorts of fun things, and some of them even braved Open Press Night. One of them, a high school student from Korea, was also taking a film class, and produced a documentary about the Press for that class. It’s great! I look and sound like a real professional! Watch it here:

Network Video Movies!

Time-Lapse, Video

So I continued to play around with the Axis network video camera I was graciously loaned, and got it set up so it automatically uploads HD-sized video stills to my FTP site, starting at 5:00 am and ending at 9:00 pm. In fact, it should just be finishing up right now. However, from about 7:15 on, the images were basically black, because we’re not even at the equinox yet and that kind of day duration won’t be prevalent until the solstice. But it works! Awesomesauce! To celebrate, I whipped up a quick time-lapse video of my neighbor’s roof and the sky:

Since I’m interested in the sky colors, I did a crop of the sky quadrant and averaged out the values to create this time-lapse:

And just because I was feeling silly, I cropped out the right-hand roofline and averaged out the values to create a final time-lapse:

I just have to figure out where to mount the camera and I can start a six-month collection regimen of a new skygrid! Woo-hoo!

Network Video Still (Precursor to Great Things)


And here’s a lovely thing: a still taken from the new networked video camera I got that does 1080p images just because. As soon as I can finesse the settings I’m thinking about doing an automated setup that will result in a new skygrid running from equinox to equinox.

Camera Snapshot

It’s dark and orange because I have the white balance set on “daylight 5000K” and because I’m hoping to fix the settings at something close to the “sunny 16” rule, or the shooting setup for sunlit scenes. I need to get the proper configuration file for the lens the camera is fitted with, and then I hopefully will have full control of the f/stop and other settings.

People Like Colorfield Videos with No Sound… Who Knew?

Averages, Video

I was browsing my Vimeo stats and I’m quite surprised that every one of my top ten loaded videos is not a wind turbine, is not an icosacomposite, is not the MBTA… They are all Average Cinema pieces.

Which means that a decent number of people are loading up silent colorfield videos and are, for a good portion of the time, letting them run in their entirety. I never expected anyone but myself to do something like that. Who knew? Anyway, thanks for watching, everyone!

Average Cinema Album on Vimeo

Averages, Video

Since I did my Cinema Icosacomposites of 32 of the Top 100 American Films, I decided to dust off a similar project I was working on a couple years back, that of my Average Cinema. I only did a few films, because of the limitations of my hardware, but this time it was much easier. Here’s a link to the Vimeo album.

These pieces are full-length movies with each individual frame averaged to a single color, so the film becomes a moving color field with no sound. It’s an interesting examination of pallette, timing and pacing, and a nice chill-out background for your computer if you so desire.

Updated MBTA Icosacomposites

Icosacomposite Video, Infrastructure, Video

Due to a new project I started last week, I realized I needed to do some tweaking on the transparencies of the 20-layer composite videos of the MBTA stations I did a while back. So I’ve re-rendered the videos and reposted them to Vimeo. Basically this just a quick notification.