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One of the pieces in my show “A Difference of 8 Protons” up at Bromfield Gallery through the month of March is an ephemeral installation piece involving dry ice and glass. As a record of the piece, I have taken time-lapse videos of the installation at a few different angles and have them up in an album on Vimeo. I will post the latest one here:

MWRA Turbine Time-Lapses Cleaned Up

Time-Lapse, Wind Turbines

Well, it didn’t take as long as I expected to clean up the dust spots from the two other time-lapse videos. When you’re not rendering twenty layers of transparent footage things go quite a bit faster.

Here’s the front of the turbine in close-up:

And the darker-skies version of the turbine in the landscape (which looks surprisingly similar to this one):

Finally, I accidentally shot the first time-lapse at 18 Mpixels, which is kinda huge for video work, but it gives lovely images of the detail. Here’s a sample (click to very much embiggen):


MWRA Wind Turbine Time-Lapses

Time-Lapse, Wind Turbines

Early this morning I went out to shoot some time-lapse videos of a wind turbine I really hadn’t explored up-close, the 1.8 MW Vestas at the MWRA pumping station in Everett. It has been a while! Almost nine months since I last shot this turbine, and almost two years since I shot the Northwind 100 at the McGlynn school in Medford.

This was the first run, shorter than the others, using a neutral-density filter and a polarizer to allow me to take each frame at 1/3 second, so I could get nice blurring and tonal sweeps for the blades:

Most of the videos I shot today used the polarizer to get deep blue skies, which kinda reminded me too much of the earlier turbine videos I’d done. So I did this with the polarizer turned to keep the sky light, which gives a different effect on the blurring of the blades.

I’ve got footage for two more videos in the can, but I have to do some tweaking to remove an unfortunate dust spot that fell on the sensor during the time-lapse.

Network Video Movies!

Time-Lapse, Video

So I continued to play around with the Axis network video camera I was graciously loaned, and got it set up so it automatically uploads HD-sized video stills to my FTP site, starting at 5:00 am and ending at 9:00 pm. In fact, it should just be finishing up right now. However, from about 7:15 on, the images were basically black, because we’re not even at the equinox yet and that kind of day duration won’t be prevalent until the solstice. But it works! Awesomesauce! To celebrate, I whipped up a quick time-lapse video of my neighbor’s roof and the sky:

Since I’m interested in the sky colors, I did a crop of the sky quadrant and averaged out the values to create this time-lapse:

And just because I was feeling silly, I cropped out the right-hand roofline and averaged out the values to create a final time-lapse:

I just have to figure out where to mount the camera and I can start a six-month collection regimen of a new skygrid! Woo-hoo!

Time Lapse Frozen QR

Data Representation, Time-Lapse

Right now this is a placeholder for a project coming to fruition when the weather gets reliably below freezing.

Here’s a hint to the coming content.

And here’s a shot of the project in process–


And finally, the finished piece:

The QR code was constructed out of over 300 black pixels made of a frozen mixture of ink and water. They were placed on several sheets of 33″ x 42″ Rives BFK, in case a nice secondary piece of art would emerge once the ink finished drying. I used the vestibule of the Bow and Arrow Press to construct the code, because I could close the two doors connecting to the press room and the cutting room, leaving the outside door open and keeping the vestibule at a nice 20ยบ so the pixels wouldn’t melt until I wanted them to. The time-lapse was done in five-second intervals with a Canon Rebel T2i.

Here are some setup shots:

Setting the Pixels Leftover_Pixels Starting_Shot

MWRA Turbine Time-Lapse

Time-Lapse, Wind Turbines

It’s weird… I thought I’d gotten the wind turbine thing over with, when I did the moonlit turbine video that went until sunrise early one December morning… but here we are again. This is a different turbine than the small Northwind 100 on the McGlynn campus. This is the 1.8 MW installation at the MWRA pumping station in Everett. Notice the MBTA Orange Line cars and commuter rail trains passing by below the turbine.

I plan to do some different angles, locations, and times in the near future, but for now, here’s how the turbine looked before I headed to New Hampshire to teach:

Full-Moon Turbine Nocturne

Time-Lapse, Wind Turbines

Finally, a night near the full moon that wasn’t overcast. November’s syzygy was a complete bust, and the night before last was completely cloudy. Last night was beautiful, there wasn’t even any horsetail cirrus or little puffy clouds. Those would have been a nice addition, if they had been present, but I’m pretty happy with what I got. Watch the stars go by unobscured!

The time-lapse starts at around 3:30am and ends at sunrise, 7:04am. I didn’t change the exposure settings at all, so the brightening sky becomes an almost complete white-out by the end. The moon’s light illuminates the turbine nicely until the emerging skyglow washes it out. And you can see pretty much when Logan Airport opens for business and starts getting the stacked up runway cleared.

The shooting was pretty uneventful, except for a pleasant conversation I had with a Medford patrol officer around 4:15.