Community of Artists Show at the Danforth Museum, June-August 2015

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Thought I’d post the nice cover graphic for a new show I’ll be in this summer:


Come on down to the Danforth Museum in Framingham, Massachusetts to see my needlepoint rivers being exhibited as a group! Here’s additional information on the show:


Preview of Work for a Show in July

Graphic Geography, Needlework

It’s been a while, partially because I’ve been busy, but also because the video glitches from earlier have pretty much overwhelmed my poor computer and it tends to crash every fifteen minutes. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new iMac yesterday.

One of the things I’ve been busy with is a project specifically created for the Black | White show that will be going up in July at the Bromfield Gallery. I don’t want to spoil the entire thing, but here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been working on:


Average Continent Colors

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I’d mentioned it in my needlepoint gallery, specifically on the floss color I used for Australasia and North America, but I realized I’d never posted it before. So, to rectify that situation, here are my averaged colors for the continents:


This was created using a NASA true-color cloudless satellite montage of the world, represented in a Dymaxion projection by R. Buckminster Fuller, so the relative scales and sizes of the continents would be more-or-less comparable:


A note on the continental divisions I used: I consider Europe and Asia to be pretty much one continent, as there is no major division or chokepoint between them. For tradition’s sake, I did determine a separate average color for both Asia and Europe (divided by the Ural Mountains), but when I do the needlepoint piece it will use the Eurasian color and depict both traditional landmasses.

Africa is nicely separated from Asia by Sinai, and the Isthmus of Darien does a pretty good job of separating North and South America, so I’m happy to include these continents as separate and not part of “The Americas” or “Eurafricasia”.

Needlepoint Gallery


I’d been working on them piecemeal for a while, but I had the chance to really sit down and work on some needlepoint pieces while I was at Somerville Open Studios on May 3rd and 4th. Here’s a gallery of what I’ve been working on.

Analemma-SolsticesThis is the analemma, the shape that the sun traces out during the course of the year. I have marked the dates of the solstices at the minimum and maximum points.

Cross-stitch CGA Palette

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Continuing on my pixellated cross-stitch experiments, allow me to present to you the color palette of the Computer Graphics Array (CGA) card from circa 1985, in cross-stitch form:


I’m quite pleased with this little creation. You might remember some other CGA experiments of mine from a while back.