Finally, an Image of the Letterpress Swadesh Project

Letterpress, Linguistic Deconstruction

I posted about the conceptual print based on the Swadesh list used in linguistics studies some time back. Well, it’s been printed for a couple of weeks, I just never got around to photographing it. No longer! I might to another photoshoot just to see if I can get the embossing nailed down properly, but this particular shot contains two detail insets with the embossing more prominent. Click to embiggen.


New Letterpress Project: An Arrangement of the 208 Swadesh Terms Distributed in Conceptual Order

Letterpress, Linguistic Deconstruction

I sent off for the plates today, so here’s a preview of a new letterpress edition I will be producing at the Bow and Arrow Press in the next couple of weeks:

Swadesh Letterpress Layout-01

This will be printed on 20″ x 13″ Lettra 220# fluorescent white paper. The light gray words will not be printed, they will be embossed on the paper. There will be 27 members in the edition. Price has not yet been set. Email if interested!

More images to come.

Guerrilla Letterpress Test Piece


I tested the first installment of my guerrilla letterpress project near to the Bow and Arrow this morning:

I’m seeing what delivery system will deliver the most weatherproof, durable product with the most ease of delivery. This particular piece has been waxed for water resistance and emplaced with Super 77 spray mount. Later investigation revealed that Super 77 may not stick to waxed paper as well as could be hoped. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Two Alphabet Samplers: Traditional and Articulated

Letterpress, Linguistic Deconstruction

I’ve been doing some letterpress runs for the upcoming Somerville Open Studios on the 5th and 6th, mostly of simple things that people might like to have as display pieces. One of these was an alphabet sampler, printed in 877 Gold here:

After doing this, I thought of a post I’d done long, long ago about extending the English alphabet and coming up with some new letterforms. Nothing much came of it, but I’d thought of doing a New Alphabet sampler then, so I thought, why not try something like that now? Instead of coming up with new letters, though, just rearrange the letters in a new way and try to shoehorn the extraneous ones in somehow. So, here’s the Articulation Alphabet Sampler:

This particular sampler arranges the letters in order of place of articulation, ranging from P and B using the lips all the way back to H and X using the back of the throat–in this case, “X” standing for the Germanic sound you get in “Bach”. The other oddball letters are C, standing in for the “ch” in “church”, and Q, which is supposed to be sounded with a forward “rk” sound in words like “Iraq”.

You can even sing it:

♩Pee bee em ef vee eye tee ♫
♪ Dee ee ess zee en ell sea ♩
♫ Jay are ey ♩
♩Why cue kay ♬
♫ Jee you double-you oh aitch ex. ♫
♩Now I know my P-B-Ms ♬
♪ Tell me what you think of them. ♫