New Round of Composite Commutes

Commutes, Composites

I’m driving to Hyannis on the Cape to teach Photoshop this fall, so I decided to do another round of commute composites, this time in an automobile, and this time with a mount for the camera. These will be a little less amorphous in terms of framing, but the suction cup mount means I’ll be mounting the camera on various pieces of glass all around the car, so there will be an interesting variety of perspectives to examine.

Here’s the first round, done with the camera mounted on the dash. The difference in color is because I tried the first one with a fixed exposure, but didn’t like the overexposed/underexposed gamut that resulted. The second is done with the camera automatically setting the exposure, so there’s less whiteout/blackout in the images. I’ll probably keep it on automatic from now on.


Going to the Cape, 21 September 2015


Coming back from the Cape, 21 September 2015

Some Fun Stills from My Commutes, 6 April – 14 May 2011

Commutes, Composites

I’ve been doing some processing of the entire mound of photos I took during my month of commutes, and while I was wading through the stack I pulled out some of the ones that caught my eye for some reason or another. Remember: none of these were deliberate shots, the camera was set on an automatic 1-minute timer and snapped what was in front of me at the time. Here’s a gallery of them for your enjoyment.

Commute 12 May 2011

Commutes, Composites

Second-to-last one. Not that it’s been hard, but it will be nice not to have a camera around my neck during the work week. ; ) However, I have some follow-up projects dealing with the large mass of pictoral data I have, so there will be more stuff coming from this stream.

In today’s commute, you can see the edges of the book I’m reading, A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Ogas and Gai Saddam, which is pretty awesome, so far.