Difference of 8 Protons Video Pieces: Carbon Dioxide :: Silicon Dioxide

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One of the pieces in my show “A Difference of 8 Protons” up at Bromfield Gallery through the month of March is an ephemeral installation piece involving dry ice and glass. As a record of the piece, I have taken time-lapse videos of the installation at a few different angles and have them up in an album on Vimeo. I will post the latest one here:

Noodling with the Taijitu

Averages, Data Representation

On a lark I did some animation silliness today. The typical explanation for the taijitu, or the yin-yang symbol ( ☯ ), mentions how dark and light are intertwined, one leads to the other in a symbiotic wax-and-wane cycle, and one contains the seed of the other inside. Well, said I, I wonder what this wax-and-wane cycle would look like if the taijitu was rotating and you took the average grayscale value of the portion of the symbol passing at the zenith part. Who wouldn’t wonder that?

To make that more obvious, I’ve prepared this anigif, which contains three parts: a rotating taijitu, a cropping of the topmost sliver of the symbol from the centerpoint up (indicated by the red box in the first part), and the average grayscale value of that sliver:

Taijitu Joint000

So, basically, as the Wheel of Earth and Heaven rolls ponderously around, there are alternating times of lightness, darkness and shades in-between. I will leave you with a stand-alone gif of this interplay for your own amusement (caution: may not be synced with the above animation):

Taijitu Fill000

Final Cape Cod Commute Composites

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This week was the last week of classes in Cape Cod. Monday’s commute was a broad view of the cabin (going, returning, full composite):




And to celebrate the camera that made it all possible, Wednesday’s commute focused on the view in the mirror. The morning commute was zoomed, the afternoon was not. I didn’t even flip them, so we can see them from the camera’s POV:



Two More Commutes: Self-Portrait and Old School

Commutes, Composites

Monday was a few days after my birthday, so I decided to do a full-on self-portrait for my commute. The result: a scarf-wearing Ted-blur.




On Wednesday, I decided to do this driving commute like I did the original set of commutes back in 2011: wearing the camera around my neck as it ran the time-lapse program. The result is not quite as dynamic as the commutes involving biking, walking and the subway: it is mostly images of my steering wheel in various degrees.




Pre-Thanksgiving Commute Composites

Commutes, Composites

Just in time for Turkey Day, two more composites from my Hyannis commute. Monday’s I shot from the back window, so it features the heating elements on the glass. In order, going, returning, combined:




Today I tried to beat holiday traffic by leaving a little earlier, so the going composite has a lot of sunglare in it. For those images, the sun became a white hotspot in a sea of blue with the rest of the scene reduced to shadows. Thus, the scene shifts bluer than usual, there is more reflection from the dashboard, and the dust on the windshield is more highlighted. The returning commute was much longer that usual because of holiday traffic, and includes both a stop at the West Barnstable post office and at a paper store in Ball Square in Somerville.




Only a couple weeks left of the semester, and probably and end to this round of commute composites.

Three Commutes over Two Weeks

Commutes, Composites

There was only one commute from the week of Veterans’ Day, so I ganged it up with this post. I decided to aim the camera at the roadbed for this one, with two levels of zoom, so it’s not quite as recognizable:



Monday’s commute was a simple forward-facing shot, so I was able to get both going, returning and composite shots:




Finally, on Wednesday I decided to shoot across the back seat to get a view out the side windows, but this did not end well. Optimizing exposures for interior views leaves the outside kinda over-exposed:



The alternative is to optimize for the outside, which leaves the interior black:



So I did a bit of Q&D Photoshopping to composite the two exposures together:



Straight-Ahead Commute Composites

Commutes, Composites

This week I just went for a straight-ahead approach, and didn’t change the camera orientation between trips. This enabled me to get going, returning, and complete commute composites.





An interesting effect to notice, because we’re back on Standard Time, the returning commute is now shifted substantially toward sunset, so the colors are much redder. This effect carried over to the Wednesday commute:






Composite Commutes: Mirrors

Commutes, Composites

This week I decided to focus on my car’s side mirrors. I did the passenger side on Monday, and the driver’s side today. I did a normal shot going down to the Cape, and a close-up coming back. I’ll display these as pairs, with the wide shots together and the close-ups together.



The passenger-side wide-angle has a ghotsly trash can and gas pump in it, as I needed to stop for gas and that took the duration of several time-lapse shots. The driver’s-side close-up has some rain speckles in it, as it’s been cloudy today and started to rain on the way back.