Some Fun Letterpress Pieces

While I was working on “Nominal Chinati” I whipped out some quick runs on the letterpress at the Bow & Arrow just for funsies. These will be posted on my Etsy site as soon as I get good images.

One of my favorite wordsmiths, even though he “only” wrote noir mysteries. 8″x 10″, printed in a mix of Standard Italic 30 pt and 18 pt.


One of the unexpected stories to have significantly affected American science fiction in the 60s, “Tlön, Uqbar and Orbis Tertius” was a revelation to me when I read it at age 18. Approximately 15″ x 9″, printed in mixed wood type, Baskerville 24pt and Bodoni Italic 72 pt.


And I seem to have a thing for printing John Cage quotes as a blind emboss with no ink, so this one is propped up on a stool so the lighting enhances the legibility of the words. 8″ x 10″, using my beloved 30 pt Standard Italic.



Printing an Edition: “Nominal Chinati”

The last week I’ve been busy at work at the Bow & Arrow Press using our Charles Brand intaglio press to print an edition for inde | jacobs gallery in Marfa, TX. Some of my prints are listed here. The gallery is preparing to re-open after a long hiatus, and these prints will be available at the “soft opening” the day after Christmas.

The print, called “Nominal Chinati”, is an homage to three pieces, one by Judd and two by Flavin. It’s a shaped-plate relief print cut with a laser into 0.050″ aluminum, and rolled with Daniel Smith relief ink. There will be 45 members in the edition, and perhaps three Artist Proofs and one Press Proof.

Here’s a shot of the inking setup:


Here’s a shot of the plate and press:


A shot of the early round of prints:


And the final stack in the drying rack:


Be sure to contact inde | jacobs gallery for purchasing options.