Nave Residency, Day 4

There were some technical snafus, like the batteries for the camera I use for the random pixel grids conking out, so today I don’t have many images. However, I did finish painting the new sets of pixel dice, and sanded the edges of one set of 12:

I also stained sets of 25 pixels in red, indigo and black, which I think will become part of a new randomized construction concept, along with a fourth set of raw wooden blocks.

Ink-Stained-Pixels-02 Ink-Stained-Pixels-01

Finally, the 3D pixel rivers are slowly coming together, but I’ve used so many wooden cubes on other projects that I’m running out of blocks to support the levels I add, to keep them from shifting until the glue dries. So I’m focusing on one river at a time, to cut down on the need for support blocks. Here is the Nile, reaching completion. All of the level pieces are glued, they just need to be added to the final construction, once they’re dry.


I hope to suspend the finished river from the ceiling using monofilament, which will negate the need for any support blocks at all.

Nave Residency, Day 3

More fun today at the Nave Gallery. First of all, here are the results of my ink-blot flow pattern experiments:

Paper-Confluences-02 Paper-Confluences-03 Paper-Confluences-04 Paper-Confluences-01

I’m not sure if I’m thrilled with these or not. I will continue the experimentation, however.

Also in the works,  I started taking the rivers made from wooden pixels and extending them into three dimensions:


This is the Nile being constructed into its vertical extent, starting low at the Delta and (soon to be) rising all the way to the Rift Valley lakes at the end.

Because I was having so much fun with the grayscale dice, I started making more of them:


You can see the six levels of gray I’m using, the acrylic paint, and a phalanx of wooden cubes drying in the breeze of a fan. I’ll have 108 new ones soon, and I think I’ll actually glue together the Random Pixel Shapes that I’ve been generating with an 8-sided die and 12 of the old grayscale dice:


Finally, I’ve been doing more random grayscale grids. Here’s a jpg of the 54 I’ve done so far:


And here’s a 15 fps video I put together using those images as individual frames:

All sorts of fun things happening!

Nave Residency, Day 2

More fun at the Nave today. I used the heavy rain to soak some paper and play with ink patterns:


I did more random pixel grids with the six-level grayscale dice. Here’s a sampling of three of them:

Pixel-Dice-36-01 Pixel-Dice-36-02 Pixel-Dice-36-03

While I was playing with the random grayscale grids, I decided to pull out an eight-sided die and construct random pixel shapes. Here are three grayscale constructions:

Pixel-Shape-Grayscale-01 Pixel-Shape-Grayscale-02 Pixel-Shape-Grayscale-03

And a multilevel version done with unpainted blocks:


Finally, I laid out pixel-based constructions of the Mississippi, Yangtze and Nile Rivers, which I intend to glue together into three-dimensional versions that reveal the elevation changes along those rivers. At present, though, these are the flat bases:

Pixel-Mississippi Pixel-Nile Pixel-Yangtze

So a pretty good day, I’d say.

First Actual Day at the Nave

At long last, I got over to the Nave on Powderhouse Blvd for some art time. Everything’s preliminary, everything’s laying groundwork, and everything’s feeling out directions. One of the things that happened was process-oriented data collection.

I created random 6×6 grids with six-level grayscale dice:


Here’s an image of the first ten runs of the random pixel grid:


I tossed 64 black cubes at a circle drawn on a piece of paper to see what would happen. Then I did it again and again:


I took a 2x2x2 pixel cube and started unfolding its constituent pieces into disparate shapes that still retain the same volume:


And I dribbled ink on a crumpled piece of paper and then made it rain with a water spritzer to see what kind of flow networks would result:


We will see where these starting points will take me in the next few weeks.

Earth Flag

There was a Photoshop contest over at today to make up an “official” flag for the whole planet. Most of the entries were snarky, as befits the location, but I used my average continental colors to come up with something a little more interesting:


The stripes represent each continent in proportion, starting with Eurasia on the hoist and then North America. A thin strip of blue represents the surface freshwater, then come stripes for Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica. (The stripes are in order from north to south.) The final navy field represents the oceans, in proportion.

So it was something fun and interesting to make, and the Farkers loved it.

The Bare Beginnings: The Nave Residency Starts

Tonight I went over to the Nave Gallery on Powderhouse Blvd near Teele Square in Somerville to drop off some supplies for my new residency. Here’s a quick pic of the results:


They look a little lost and forlorn, but never fear, great things will emerge. Among the contents are various sizes of wooden cubes, from 1/4″ to 6″; carbon-atom construction bits, and two colors of bead chain.

Media from the Black | White Show Opening

First of all, an interview of me, conducted by Jesa Damora of FunnelCake Marketing, while I was cross-stitching the Charles River basin during the opening at Bromfield on 11 July 2014:

Also, some pictures!

Action shots:
Needlepoint-01  Needlepoint-03Needlepoint-02

Charles River cross-stitch in progress:CharlesRiverWIP

Gallery front

Something of a goofy selfie, but it’s hard to do a good one while embroidering.GoofySelfie

Better shot, when a friend came byTed Ollier-1280949